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How did BinderLess help Blezat make decisions on the construction site more efficiently?

Blezat's execution team struggled with the circulation of material cards, thanks to BinderLess they were able to increase knowledge sharing between teams, making decisions more efficiently thanks to our platform.


Signing of material cards on paper and in digital version

Problems with team coordination

Prolonging procedures

No ability to process orders for unapproved materials

Time-consuming analysis of documentation submitted for approval by the supervision of the author

Blezat's execution team struggled with the material card acceptance process, which required both signatures on paper documents and email approval, leading to unnecessary complications and lengthening the entire procedure. And the more efficiently the cards are accepted, the lower the risk of claims of not being able to fulfill orders for unapproved materials. 

Blezat's previous experience made it clear that coordinating the approval of material cards was very labor-intensive.

On a construction site, every detail can be significant, especially in situations where claims are involved. To avoid this, each material card submitted by the General Contractor should be accompanied by the relevant technical specifications, certificates and approvals. However, that's not all, the materials ordered must meet prior agreements and be in accordance with the executive design. This process is essential for maintaining quality, and additionally helps supervise whether the general contractor is meeting his obligations.


Signing off on paper material cards was particularly challenging in situations where there was a need to coordinate with a multi-discipline design supervisor. Instead of discussing solutions to complex issues, a large part of the visit was a detailed analysis of the documentation submitted for approval.

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Znalezienie systemu usprawniającego zarządzanie procesem akceptacji kart materiałowych

Ensure simple and fast implementation

Optimization of time for uploading and accepting material cards

Ensure security of transmission and collection of data related to construction

Prevent fraudulent practices such as substitution of approved applications or their attachments

Blezat wanted an easy-to-implement system that facilitates efficient management of the material card approval process - so that site meetings are devoted only to current problems. Time is especially valuable when implementing an investment.

That's why we thoroughly discussed Blezat's implementation team's previous experience with electronic material card approval before proceeding. This allowed us to learn about their expectations and avoid previous frustrations.

A structured and digital acceptance process has resulted for project teams not only in the speed and correctness of their decisions, but also in the increased involvement of substantive people. The platform has become a source of information that can be relied on.

Piotr Adamiec , Project Manager, Blezat

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See how such a project could look in your company

A free consultation is a time when we can talk about your expectations and the challenges your company faces. Together, we will choose the right strategy to bring digital tools to your site! Let's move to action.

Testing and implementation


Initial free

We will ask you about your goals and the projects you are leading. We will help you evaluate whether your team is ready for digital tools


Concept of operation

Together we will discuss the terms of cooperation and develop a plan to test BinderLess


Platform testing

We will create a virtual construction site for you so that you and your team can try out BinderLess in practice


Decision on cooperation

With a set of information you can make a good decision for your company
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To get the team well acquainted with the platform, everyone, including the investor, project manager, author's supervision, supervisors and representatives of the general contractor, received two-week access to a trial version of BinderLess. This allowed them to take advantage of the platform's full functionality and see in practice how the application acceptance process is managed on the platform.

Transfer of applications to the platform

After the trial period ended, the execution team switched to the final version of BinderLess. As a result, there were real material cards and an approval process. This smooth transition enabled efficient use of the platform from day one.


Over time, email discussions between the builder and the general contractor or the author's supervision were replaced by chat conversations under specific material cards. Discussions are archived on the platform along with the approval of the application, and the information that was used to make the decision is easy to find at any time.

Faced with ambiguous choices, engineers also began to include other people in the process to obtain additional needed information. Thanks to the consultation function, the final decisions, were more thoughtful and coordinated with the design team which, in practice, meant they were less risky.


The ability to approve material sheets online, rather than on paper, relieved the pressure on email inboxes and brought order to the process.

By moving discussions on the platform to document-specific threads, Blezat was able to compromise more efficiently and make decisions faster.

In turn, the feature to add consultations reduced the risk of rushed decisions and encouraged knowledge sharing within project teams increasing the accuracy of decisions. 

A structured and digital approval process translated for project teams not only in terms of speed and correctness of decisions, but also in terms of increased involvement of subject matter experts. The platform has become a source of information that can be relied upon.

Key benefits
of implementing BinderLess

Blezat wanted a fast implementation and optimization of the time they spent coordinating the material request approval process, while ensuring the security of the transferred data. Here's what we were able to achieve:

Eliminate the paper version of material cards and move
them online

undraw_thought_process_re_om58 2.png

Improve coordination of the entire process associated with the acceptance of materials

undraw_time_management_re_tk5w 1.png

Reduce time for
and approval of documents

Improve communication on the project between the investor and the contractor

Reducing the risk
of making
rash decisions

undraw_for_review_eqxk 1.png

Improve Blezat's image with the investor through rapid adaptation of new technologies

A structured and digital approval process has resulted for project teams not only in the speed and correctness of their decisions, but also in increased involvement of substantive people. The platform has become a source of information that can be relied upon.

Piotr Adamiec , Project Manager, Blezat

The future of construction

According to Blezat, the use of digital tools such as BinderLess widely in the construction industry would translate into:

  1. Reduce approval time for material cards and other documents


  2. Increased transparency, accessibility and security of the documentation acceptance process.


  3. Financial savings related to the reduction of time spent by author's supervision and decision-makers on material card approval and full coordination of the process.


  4. Elimination of the risk of drawn-out material card acceptance procedures, resulting in the general contractor's inability to implement purchasing actions and claims.

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"What surprised us most about BinderLess was that the platform is constantly being improved and that our insights were taken into account and implemented. In the course of our cooperation, we were able to exchange experiences from other projects in the construction industry, and on both sides there were people involved in the digitization of construction."

Piotr Adamiec , Project Manager, Blezat

A structured, digital document acceptance process sounds like the solution to your problems?

Fill out the form or arrange a meeting with our expert to discuss
about how you can try BinderLess on your site.

Thanks for your application!

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About BinderLess

BinderLess is a platform that digitizes the process of document circulation on construction sites and creates a database out of it, connecting decision makers on the investor's side with external companies. Our solution creates a new quality of investment supervision, increasing knowledge transfer between project teams, reducing hasty decisions and keeping an eye on the timely approval of documents. It is a source of information you can finally rely on.

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