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Construction documentation management in one system

Streamline collaboration between teams, save time, keep files organized

Project documentation management

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Comparing document

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of material cards

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The general contractor is forced to extend the project's final delivery date by poor data management.


Data on the projects avoids being lost, misplaced or destroyed.


Total costs

on construction investments are generated as a result
of amendments

and rework.


Construction specialists

said that using project collaboration solutions reduced errors

in design and data loss.

Find out what you can improve with BinderLess

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Project documentation management

Keep control of your documents, compare file versions, and keep your files in order

in your documentation.

The main modules of the system

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Change order module

Track the impact of changes on the budget, duration and scope of the project.

Control additional works.

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Material acceptance process

Control the document approval process, share comments and increase the team's involvement in the project.

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Implementation of the BinderLess platform takes less than 24 hours. Find out for yourself too!

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With BinderLess

you can increase the effectiveness of

collaboration by 40%.

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Save up to 30% time on decision-making processes.

A structured and digital acceptance process has resulted for project teams not only in the speed and correctness of their decisions, but also in the increased involvement of substantive people. The platform has become a source of information that can be relied on.

Piotr Adamiec , Project Manager, Blezat

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Initial free consultation

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Discussion of terms of cooperation

Free testing of the platform

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Now you can make the final decision!

Free trial period - how does it work?

Fill out the contact form and in return you will receive a pricing for our services and the opportunity to arrange a free consultation with our expert.

Before purchasing the platform, you also have the opportunity to try out all the features during a free trial period.

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