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The BinderLess platform is implemented with the support of EU funds.


Eastern Poland Operational Program

Project title: BinderLess - the future of construction investments

Priority Axis: 1 Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland
Action: 1.1 Startup platforms for new ideas
Sub-action: 1.1.2 The development of startups in Eastern Poland
Enrollment No.: POPW.01.01.02-IP.01-00-001 / 19

Purpose of the project

BinderLess is an innovative online platform dedicated to the construction industry, which aims to revolutionize the work of decision-makers in the implementation of investments, by means of digitization of the decision-making process and document circulation. We want to create a new quality of construction investment supervision by eliminating the paper-digital dualism thanks to the democratization of access to appropriate tools intended for the construction industry.

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Better verification

Intelligently planned processes taking into account multi-stage verification and corrections introduced at various stages of application acceptance will eliminate excessive communication and facilitate efficient decision-making, and a transparent process will help you track downtime.


BinderLess will ensure that all documents will be safely stored in the cloud, which will ensure access to them from any place on earth, anytime and from any device. Everything in one place and at your fingertips - less binders, more concrete action.

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Thanks to BinderLess, investors, substitute investors, inspectors and contractors whose paths only cross during the implementation of a given investment will gain a common online platform. A common platform will ensure that decision-making takes place without delays, mistakes or inaccuracies.

Accelerated document circulation

Our intelligent algorithms will cause that requests that require attention always reach the right people, and the entire process is available in the form of an accessible archive. In addition, the platform send notifications only when the documents require the attention of decision-makers.

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Activities in the project

The project provides for the creation of a complete internet platform dedicated to the construction industry, whose task will be to support the process of accepting material applications. To achieve this ambitious goal, we are going to take the following steps:


  • Development, analysis and tests of the data model required to support the storage logic and processing of material requests.

  • Launching the test environment

  • Creating a configurator for the application approval process

  • Creating a module for adding projects

  • Adding an e-mail notification service about active processes assigned to specific users

  • Launch of the document storage service in the cloud.

  • Introducing BinderLess on construction sites and conducting product iterations with clients.

  • Creating educational materials related to the operation of the platform, such as video, or a list of frequently asked questions

Co-financing value

The value of the project is PLN 1,176,300.00, including EU funding of PLN 999,855.00.

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