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BinderLess LCA

Intelligent assistant for calculating the carbon footprint

What is the latest BinderLess functionality?

We have started work on the development of an intelligent carbon footprint calculation assistant embedded in the entire life cycle of buildings - LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). The aim of the project is to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of buildings.


The most recent data shows that buildings are responsible for 38% of global CO2 emissions, with 28% coming from the operation of buildings and the remaining 10% due to the energy consumption required to produce the materials and technologies used in construction. 

In light of Poland's global commitments under the Paris Agreement and the EU's greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, changes in the construction industry are necessary.


How will BinderLess LCA help contribute to these changes?

  • automating calculation processes

  • helping to estimate CO2 emissions in the absence of data

  • supporting greener decision-making.


Our solution will use machine learning technologies to analyse unstructured data, offering recommendations for more environmentally friendly building materials.

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