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Coordination of documents on the construction site has never been easier

BinderLess is a platform designed for the construction industry that enables the circulation of material cards between the developer and external companies improving decision-making.

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Increase the accuracy of decisions

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Eliminate drawn-out procedures

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Build a database you can rely on

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How does BinderLess help manage workflow on construction projects?

Accept documents online

Make decisions online and eliminate protracted procedures and the risk of losing documents. With BinderLess, the post-construction documentation creates itself.

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Create your own file acceptance process

Select the time and decision makers in the process according to your needs. No more waiting and courting decisions, our algorithms will do it for you.

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Always up-to-date database

Ensure that all authorized people have access to the most up-to-date files. Empower communication and increase knowledge sharing on the project by moving discussions to the platform.

Elastic search

Search the document database with a single click, including the inside of documents, regardless of the format in which they are uploaded using OCR technology.

At BinderLess, we put construction
in the first place.

While joining BinderLess, you will receive a dedicated customer support specialist who will advise you on all matters related to the platform.

Opportunity to try before you buy

Free initial training

Free initial training will help your team migrate to BinderLess effortlessly, and in case of doubt, our technical support is also available in Polish!

Dedicated customer support specialist

Technical support in Polish

Who can benefit from BinderLess platform?

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  • A secure archive of files and their acceptance history.

  • Less likelihood of additional work.

  • Faster decisions by 1/3 the time.

  • Opportunity to consult with other experts.

  • Summary of applications with the technical project.

  • Automatic reminders.

  • Faster ability to purchase materials.

  • Ease of creating as-built documentation.

  • Fewer delivery delays.

  • Easy file search.

  • Full history of all document versions.

  • Streamlined communication with project teams.

Better communication on the project and faster decisions

Flexible monthly subscription

Our mission is to increase access to cutting-edge technologies in the construction industry, which is why we care that you can work with who you want and how you want. Choose the length of your subscription to suit your needs.

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Unlimited number of users

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Unlimited number of uploaded documents

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Initial free consultation

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Discussion of terms of cooperation

Free testing of the platform

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Now you can make the final decision!

Free trial period - how does it work?

Fill out the contact form and in return you will receive a pricing for our services and the opportunity to arrange a free consultation with our expert.

Before purchasing the platform, you also have the opportunity to try out all the features during a free trial period.

A structured, digital document acceptance process sounds like the solution to your problems?

Fill out the form or arrange a meeting with our expert to discuss
about how you can try BinderLess on your site.

Thanks for your application!

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Select a convenient date and time

  • What is the BinderLess platform?
    BinderLess is an online platform dedicated to the construction industry, which accelerates the decision-making process using digital circulation of documents such as material applications.
  • Can I test the platform for free?
    Absolutely! During the test period, the platform has no functional limitations so that you can get to know its full potential. In addition, we work with you already at this stage so that future updates can take into account your needs and suggestions.
  • How to sign up for platform testing?
    Nothing easier. Fill out the form at and we'll show you the platform and run your own virtual build. Remember, the first 14 days are completely free.
  • How much does the paid version of the platform cost?
    At the moment, the price of the platform is PLN 1,499 per month for one construction project. It is worth mentioning that the price does not depend on the number of users or the number of documents processed. Are you during a construction process? Add all decision-makers to it at no extra cost.
  • Do I need to install any software to use the platform?
    No, a regular web browser is enough to use the platform, so it will be with you wherever you need it.
  • Where can I turn if I have a question?
    Email us at: and describe what you need support with, and we will help you as soon as possible.
  • How does the implementation of BinderLess look like on a construction site?
    The platform is intuitive and our experience shows that no additional support is needed in its implementation, but after creating a project, we offer an hour-long online training for anyone interested. In addition, we have prepared an instruction available here, describing how the platform works for all people on the project.
  • Can I manage more than one project on the BinderLess platform?
    Of course! The platform is built using technology that allows you to manage multiple projects from one place without any restrictions.
  • Can we generate a report?
    Sure. BinderLess gives you the ability to generate reports with information about the process from the list of applications in the platform.
  • What does the platform offer besides handling material applications?
    We are currently implementing change request processing and technical project management. We are a startup, so improvements and new functionalities appear often, and the price of the service does not change. In addition, we are happy to listen to the needs of the companies we work with to adapt the platform's functionalities to their needs. You can be one of them too!
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